At LFT we make continued efforts to reduce waste. These are some of our continued efforts:


1. We reuse many of our shipping boxes and dividers which may even have been used on your orders;

2. The pallet and pallet slip sheet are reused (ours and from neighbouring businesses);

3. Pallet overpack sheet, is reused (recovered from neighboring businesses who typically throw this plastic out after one use). 

Why do we use this? We started using over-sheets approximately a year ago as we were advised some carriers are not as careful with our shipments (rain penetration and allowing matter to fall on the products/ orders – increased chance of contamination);

4. Air bags – reused. We also use paper and plant based peanuts; and

5. Pallet wrap and tape – this is new but we continually look for ways to avoid using these materials. We have been exploring replacement options for over a year.          

We appreciate your comments and are always looking to do better.